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Posted on 2021-09-30 @ 7:06 PM
New Tag Suggestions/Corrections
All tag requests have been added to the database as of September 30th.
Next update will be October 31st.

We are now open for new tag requests. Only requests posted here will be considered as its the best place for us to keep track of them.

If you want to request some tags, state the name of the series, and list more than one character. Please do it in this format:

Series name -> character 1;character 2;character 3;etc

Also please, please check a tag or series and make sure that tag/characters aren't already listed before making a request!

Past announcements
2021-09-30 @ 7:06 PM
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Some additional tags for "Choices: Stories You Play":

Bachelorette Party -> Larry Signorelli
Bloodbound -> Banner Westbrook;Bishop;Greg Pfoznik;Griff Sanderson;Henry Zhang;Scholar Jameson;Takeshi Watanabe
Desire and Decorum -> Bishop Monroe;Prince Regent George;Rupert Foredale;Thaddeus Parsons;Tristan Richards;Vincent Foredale;Viscount Westonly
High School Story/HSS: Class Act -> Alan Park;Bruce Faris/Andrew Isa;Cameron Levy;Greg;Jim;Jose Flores;Martin Silva;Mr. Olson;Ricky Burke;Rodger Crandall;Samir Bhandari;Scott;Stephen Flores
LoveHacks -> Hunter
Open Heart -> Ed Farrugia;Francis Llewellyn;Henry;Michael;Pedro Cruz
Perfect Match -> Nikos Anastopoulos
Queen B -> Pete Scotch
Red Carpet Diaries -> John Castle;Jonathan Spencer;Julio Rodriguez;Markus von Groot;Tommy Phelps;Viktor Montmartre
Rules of Engagement -> Bartholomew Pierce
Shipwrecked -> Captain "Manu Nakeli";Main Character "Kai Liko"
The Crown & The Flame -> Anu Rhuka;Florian Tartassis;Gabriel Amarne;Jorrin Kal
The Nanny Affair -> Aditya Bharad;Evan Webb
The Royal Masquerade -> Damon Fierro;Frisk;Teapot;Vasco
Wolf Bride -> Alpha Werewolf "Bastien";Bernard Sayre;Callum;Hugo;Jett;Sergei;Zane Hunt

EDIT: Added Shipwrecked to the tag request list because it's now rolling out to players that are not subscribers of Choices VIP.
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# Posted on 2021-10-14 @ 4:28 AM
Edited 1 time(s), last edit: 2021-10-23 @ 10:22 AM
Pokémon -> Jack Walker; The Phantom; Sven

please and thank you ( ´ ▽ ` )b
# Posted on 2021-10-11 @ 7:30 AM
I asked for "kissing" as a tag last time and was told it fits under the tag shounen ai/softcore and went 'okay yeah that makes sense' until I remembered the image I wanted to tag as "kissing" is not softcore... so once again I am throwing this out there for consideration since there are plenty of images on here where men are kissing while having sex. But if you still don't agree I'll drop it after this. Thanks.
# Posted on 2021-09-30 @ 8:41 PM
I am sorry, but kissing is not a tag we will be adding. If the men are kissing when having sex, then it would fit under one or more of the mature tags, depending on what is going on in the image.
# Posted on 2021-10-01 @ 4:23 AM
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