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Posted on 2022-08-01 @ 2:24 AM
New Tag Suggestions/Corrections
All tag requests have been added to the database as of July 31st.
Next update will be August 31st.

We are now open for new tag requests. Only requests posted here will be considered as its the best place for us to keep track of them.

If you want to request some tags, state the name of the series, and list more than one character.

Please do it in this format or it will NOT be accepted:

:star4:Series name -> character 1;character 2;character 3;etc:star4:

Also please, please check a tag or series and make sure that tag/characters aren't already listed before making a request!

Past announcements
2022-08-01 @ 2:24 AM
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Under Genshin Impact, Bennett is spelled with two "t"s.

Also add: Ayato, Heizou, Thoma, Tighnari, Al Haitham,

That is all for now! Thanks!
# Posted on 2022-08-08 @ 1:20 PM
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