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Posted on 2020-08-28 @ 2:40 PM
Looking for contribution

I'm creating a new section on Boxer & Rice. It's called Ask them.

Basically a question is asked to a DBZ character and an artist draws a simple sketch picture with the character answering it.


I wondered if there was some artist here interested by providing art for that. I thought it could make our club and my website quite alive. And it doesn't require much work. Also you can pick the questions and answer you want to reply.

Like for example.

Hey Vegeta, when did you realize you had feelings for Kakarot?
Hey Goku what do you prefer food or Vegeta? (possible answer could be both Vegeta covered with food)
Hey Piccolo, where did you bring Gohan for your first date.
Hey Goten, do you prefer being bottom or top

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What a cute idea! I want to contribute! I'm trying to think of some questions!
# Posted on 2020-09-01 @ 1:25 AM
Yes it'll bring interactivity and life to the fandom ^^
# Posted on 2020-09-02 @ 9:00 PM
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