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Y! Tutorial: How to Submit on 'EXTRAS' ^^! by SlashweilerDog
Y! Tutorial: How to Submit on 'EXTRAS' ^^!
by SlashweilerDog
Posted on 2022-05-01 @ 5:21 PM
New Tag Suggestions/Corrections
All tag requests have been added to the database as of April 30th.
Next update will be May 31st.

We are now open for new tag requests. Only requests posted here will be considered as its the best place for us to keep track of them.

If you want to request some tags, state the name of the series, and list more than one character.

Please do it in this format or it will NOT be accepted:

:star4:Series name -> character 1;character 2;character 3;etc:star4:

Also please, please check a tag or series and make sure that tag/characters aren't already listed before making a request!

Past announcements
2022-05-01 @ 5:21 PM
[icon=bro]   bro
Posted comments
Hello again! wanted to post this, and not sure if he looks shota.

I did post line art of him without the shota tag last year, but I know sometimes yall don't see all the posts

# Posted on 2022-04-01 @ 5:04 PM
He's fine without it for this pic. :)
# Posted on 2022-04-01 @ 10:49 PM
Hello! Was wanting to post these pages - and not sure if the vampire boy looks shota.

# Posted on 2022-03-16 @ 10:48 PM
Those pages look fine without the shota tag. ^^
# Posted on 2022-03-17 @ 4:25 AM
Generally, they are allowed if filtered properly, but it's very difficult to get a 100% yes or no without seeing the actual image. If you want to send a drawing to be checked, just link it to us here and we'd be happy to look it over for you and let you know if it's allowed or what filters it would require.
# Posted on 2022-01-18 @ 5:00 AM
Hello! I got another one - not sure if he looks shota tag worthy or not
# Posted on 2022-01-17 @ 10:07 PM
Yeah, this one I think should have the shota tag on, just to be safe.
# Posted on 2022-01-18 @ 4:57 AM
Question about posting this - twitter.com/nsfw_frost····890?s=20

He is pretty effeminate and I was going to post 3 versions (3 separate posts) - Clothes, without shirt, and nude - and just worried the clothes version would be mistaken for a female and be reported.

Also wasn't sure if he looked shota
# Posted on 2022-01-16 @ 7:04 PM
Hi frostyshark,

Super cute character! He looks male enough and old enough, so go ahead and post without the shota filter. You can put in your comments that I gave approval.
# Posted on 2022-01-16 @ 9:27 PM
Hi there. You're not blind. We took out the age category since it really wasn't needed. For us, as long as the characters are or appear to be 16+ years, they do not need the shota filter. Anyone under that age (or who looks to be under the age) of 16 would require the filter.

In both your drawings your characters appear to be at least 16yrs old and do not require the shota filter. You can remove it if you feel comfortable with it off. Alternately, you can leave it on. You would not be in violation in either case. In this instance, it's up to your discretion. :happy:
# Posted on 2022-01-16 @ 6:49 AM
Got a quick question. Do characters who are non binary/ have top surgery count towards the transgender tag here?
# Posted on 2021-12-13 @ 6:23 PM
I'd have to see the image to give you the best answer, but it sounds like they would. If you like, feel free to send me a link to the image and I'll let you know for sure.
# Posted on 2021-12-14 @ 10:51 PM
Hi trinityrenee,

I'm not seeing anything of yours in our moderation area, so nothing has been reported to us or been removed by us.

It may be because you've posted them into a project (anything posted in a project won't show up in your regular submissions area). To check this, click on your submissions tab and then click on the 'Projects' tab at the top of your page. I see there are a number of your images in that area, so could these be the ones you're missing?
# Posted on 2021-11-24 @ 10:25 PM
Edited 2 time(s), last edit: 2021-11-24 @ 10:32 PM
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