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A place for you to get help or ask questions to the mods. Leave your questions in the comments and we will respond.

If your question/issue is a bug, please use the Bugs club. A link to it can be found in the navbar at the top of every page.

Mods (blue buttons), Supermods/Admins (pink buttons) and Developers (green buttons) are listed under the Members tab if you need to contact any of us.

Only Mods, Smods and Admins may join this club. All others will be declined.
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Y! Tutorial: How to Submit on 'EXTRAS' ^^! by SlashweilerDog
Y! Tutorial: How to Submit on 'EXTRAS' ^^!
by SlashweilerDog
Posted on 2022-08-01 @ 2:24 AM
New Tag Suggestions/Corrections
All tag requests have been added to the database as of July 31st.
Next update will be August 31st.

We are now open for new tag requests. Only requests posted here will be considered as its the best place for us to keep track of them.

If you want to request some tags, state the name of the series, and list more than one character.

Please do it in this format or it will NOT be accepted:

:star4:Series name -> character 1;character 2;character 3;etc:star4:

Also please, please check a tag or series and make sure that tag/characters aren't already listed before making a request!

Past announcements
2022-08-01 @ 2:24 AM
[icon=bro]   bro
Posted comments
Hi! I just discovered the site was back and joined again. Unfortunately I'm an idiot so when I tried looking for a clubs I used to be in I accidentally created one instead and now I can't remove it. (I'm on my phone is that why?)
# Posted on 2022-08-14 @ 4:08 PM
Hi Sackielc. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove a club once created. You can rename it and use it for something else or you can give it to someone else, but that's about it. Sorry I don't have better news for you.
# Posted on 2022-08-15 @ 2:22 AM
You're very welcome! We love Y!g too <3
# Posted on 2022-08-14 @ 2:04 AM
Hi, I had an account during the original website it was made in 2010, I just wanted to know if with the new site being made if that account has been lost? Because when I type in the username and password it does not accept it and when I type in the retrieve password section it tells me it can't find this account. I just wanted to know if this was what happened with all old website accounts.
# Posted on 2022-07-30 @ 2:14 PM
Hi Raine. Yes, unfortunately all the accounts from the old site have been lost and I'm sorry to say there is no way to retrieve them.
# Posted on 2022-07-31 @ 6:38 AM
New series and character tags:

Chicago Party Aunt → Daniel Whiddington; Mark Whiddington; Mikey; Kurt Kosinski; Gideon; Sean Vincent
# Posted on 2022-07-11 @ 3:01 PM
Hi. Please put your request here - old.y-gallery.net/anno····ment/1/? so it doesn't get lost. Thank you.
# Posted on 2022-07-13 @ 1:39 AM
On the old site there was a bunch of pics titled "dont wake daddy". It was a series. The original artist did them in black and white and someone else colored them. He also had a pic called "camping with grandpa ". Any chance someone could help me find these
# Posted on 2022-07-11 @ 7:56 AM
I tried to track the artist down, but I haven't had any luck. Try asking over on the Y!gallery discord. You might have better luck there with finding someone who knows the artist.
# Posted on 2022-07-13 @ 1:43 AM
I have a commission piece (the piece will be scanned and not a photo like here) but the long haired red head character is NB AMAB - but female presenting - would they be okay to post here?

# Posted on 2022-07-09 @ 11:49 PM
That would be fine here. Go ahead and post away. :happy:
# Posted on 2022-07-10 @ 3:39 AM
Hello, there's a lot of content rules and I don't want to get in trouble. I have some somno-themed porn comics I rendered in a 3d engine. Some of the characters are humanoid nonhumans such as orcs, elves, demons, and aliens, and there are offscreen female scientists talking in some of them. Is that all a no? I'm happy to send them to a mod to vet or whatever if that helps.
# Posted on 2022-06-20 @ 1:03 AM
Feel free to send them to me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to look them over for you.
# Posted on 2022-06-21 @ 3:43 AM
Hi, is there any video that shows how I can custom my profile??? I'm a little lost!
# Posted on 2022-06-02 @ 4:54 PM
Hi. There is not a video, but we do have a tutorial - FAQ 22: Creating a custom theme for my user page

Hopefully this will help. If you are still having trouble, let me know and I'll do my best to help.
# Posted on 2022-06-03 @ 3:45 AM
Hi one of my pieces was reported but I don't know why
# Posted on 2022-05-26 @ 1:07 AM
Hi. Your piece is in our moderation area. Once we get a chance to look at it, we'll let you know if there is any problem via PM. If there's no problem, it will be returned to you. We should have an answer to you one way or the other soon.
# Posted on 2022-05-26 @ 3:03 AM
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August Pinup 02 - Sunset on the Market by penbrydd
August Pinup 02 - Sunset on the Market
by penbrydd
2 Kyos - 1 Yagami Chapter 3 by Minachan95
2 Kyos - 1 Yagami Chapter 3
by Minachan95
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