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A place for you to get help or ask questions to the mods. Leave your questions in the comments and we will respond.

If your question/issue is a bug, please use the Bugs club. A link to it can be found in the navbar at the top of every page.

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Y! Tutorial: How to Submit on 'EXTRAS' ^^! by SlashweilerDog
Y! Tutorial: How to Submit on 'EXTRAS' ^^!
by SlashweilerDog
Posted on 2022-01-08 @ 9:31 PM
New Tag Suggestions/Corrections
Sorry for being late, but all tag requests have been added to the database as of January 8th.
Next update will be January 31st.

We are now open for new tag requests. Only requests posted here will be considered as its the best place for us to keep track of them.

If you want to request some tags, state the name of the series, and list more than one character.

Please do it in this format or it will NOT be accepted:

:star4:Series name -> character 1;character 2;character 3;etc:star4:

Also please, please check a tag or series and make sure that tag/characters aren't already listed before making a request!

Past announcements
2022-01-08 @ 9:31 PM
[icon=bro]   bro
Posted comments
Hi, I want to post a picture which is soft, it request me to put a filter on it but,
no filter can apply since it's a softcore/shounen-ai.

There is a tiny bit of blood but it can't be put in "violent imagery" since it's not violent. no nudity, no erection, no anthro etc. I don't know what to do. It's just two guys in halloween outfit playing werewolf and vampire. :o
What can I do ?
# Posted on 2021-10-31 @ 6:00 PM
There is a filter which says N/A (which means not applicable) Just click on that one and you're good to go.
# Posted on 2021-11-01 @ 12:17 AM
Hello, It seems one of my works was reported D:, I don't know what I did wrong :/
# Posted on 2021-10-30 @ 1:07 AM
Right now it is going through the moderation process. You should have a PM sent to you within 48 hours as to what is wrong (if anything) and how to fix it. If you don't receive any notification within the 48 hours, contact me again and I'll see what I can do to get things cleared up for you.
# Posted on 2021-10-30 @ 4:15 PM
Hello, one question, is there a problem with the forum? I registered there and supposly the confirmation mail would arrive within minutes, but I haven't received anything yet since yesterday
# Posted on 2021-10-29 @ 5:58 PM
Did you check your trash or spam folder? If it's not there it might be that your email provider is blocking us. What did you use as your email? You can PM it to me if you'd like to keep it private.
# Posted on 2021-10-29 @ 11:51 PM
Hi, I'm a bit confused. I used to upload on the old website, but when I discovered it was up again, I tried to log in, but it said my username didn't exist. So that means I have to register again and upload everything again? Sorry If I'm too confused.

btw Great work bringing the website back <3
# Posted on 2021-10-24 @ 11:44 PM
Hi Ukegakure, Unfortunately, all we were able to save was the original code of the site. All of the old accounts and artwork we could not get back so everyone has to start over from scratch.

Welcome back :happy:
# Posted on 2021-10-25 @ 3:38 AM
Sorry to bother you guys. I saw someone else saying they had a similiarvissue, but I was trying to make a club and it gave me an error. It says it already exists when I try doing anything sta.sh/011afqsdetxv
# Posted on 2021-10-24 @ 4:19 AM
This has now been fixed :)
# Posted on 2021-10-26 @ 4:26 AM
Thank you for the screenshot. I've shared the link with our developer. He was going to be looking into the issue today, but it's only about 8am for him right now, so I expect he'll get to it a bit later.
# Posted on 2021-10-24 @ 11:09 PM
Edited 1 time(s), last edit: 2021-10-24 @ 11:10 PM
I am working on an original novel. May I post, the first three chapters and give them a link to buy the rest?
# Posted on 2021-10-23 @ 5:47 PM
Yes, as long as the submissions you post follow the rules, it's perfectly fine to post a link in your artist comments to where people can buy the other chapters.
# Posted on 2021-10-23 @ 6:05 PM
Hmm not sure about this one - should I tag as shota?

# Posted on 2021-10-23 @ 2:43 AM
Nah, that one is fine without. Looks more twink than child to us.
# Posted on 2021-10-23 @ 6:06 PM

I tried to create a club, and it gave me an error. Then I tried again, and it said the club wasn't created because it already existed. I checked the list of clubs, and it's not there. Is there a bug, and I should just wait til another time?

Thanks, and I hope you're having a great day!
Strong and Silent
Aesthetics and Pride
Harmonious Contrast
imlikat's indecent coloring club
Y'all got some more of them crack ships?
i have hundreds of pictures i'm going to eventually try to upload, slowly. if there's a specific one you want to see, let me know and if i have it i'll try to get it uploaded :)

Muh clubs:

[club=24] <3 [club=120] <3 [club=185] <3 [club=181] <3 [club=187]
# Posted on 2021-10-22 @ 11:01 PM
In case you didn't see the update on the news, club creation has been fixed, so you should be able to make your club now.
# Posted on 2021-10-28 @ 2:59 PM
What is the name of the club you were trying to create? That might help us track down if it is a bug or not.
# Posted on 2021-10-23 @ 1:44 AM
Hi there!
We only accept plain text submissions (.txt)
You can still format it with BBCode, but the file format itself is plaintext
# Posted on 2021-10-20 @ 2:08 PM
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