Monster Boys
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For all things monster boy and teratophilia.

For all things monster boys! Mermaids, nagas, harpies, spiders, centaurs, slimes, and more!

If he's half human and half creature of some kind, we want him...

A quick note:
Please refrain from submitting characters that only have 1 animal or monster characteristic. For example, a character with only cat ears is discouraged, as most of the design is more human that animal/monster.
Ideally, the design is about 50/50 human to animal/creature/monster.

Club Affiliates:
[club=22] [club=19] [club=256]

Stuff like nagas, mermaids, centaurs, harpies, and all of the traditional monster cuties are always A-OK to submit! Give them to us!

Icon is [icon=DarkChibiShadow]'s spider boy, Telen.

Thanks and have fun!
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"Mohg's tits, you must be 'ungry" by frostious
"Mohg's tits, you must be 'ungry"
by frostious
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Bellhop Boy by Elikal
Bellhop Boy
by Elikal
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