The Tentacles' Zone!
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The Consentacles' Zone!
Tentacle Rape
Y! Tutorial: How to Submit on 'EXTRAS' ^^!  by SlashweilerDog
You're traveling through another dimension,
an erotic dimension not only of sick sights
and deep penetrations but quite
the literal mindf*ck'd discoveries too;
A journey into a wondrous land
whose tendril-boundaries are those
of perverted imaginations...

That's the signpost up ahead...
your next stop: The Tentacles' Zone!

__ __ __ _______________ __ __ __

All submissions (images, animations and/or literature)
and characters (either from fandoms or OCs) are welcome
as long as the topic is focused on tentacles of any kind :drool: !

~ :exclaim: Is That Drawing Still Not On The Club?
Well Maybe It's Just On The #Tentacles Tag :drool: !

Just remember to follow the site's Terms of Service
and to ALWAYS tag/filter your content properly :widesmile: !

__ __ __ _______________ __ __ __

If you've specific ways of enjoying your dosis,
feel free to check/follow these clubs too!

[club=126] :prev: For Tender Loving Consentacles :love:
[club=151] :prev: For Merciless SoB Tentacles :drool:

__ __ __ _______________ __ __ __

ALSO > [thumb=1604] < HOW TO SUBMIT ON :drool: EXTRAS* !
'Cuz Doing Some Extra Steps Is Better Than Nothing;
Don't Call It Censoring When Is Allowed :love:

*and properly display it on Clubs/Proyects too!

__ __ __ _______________ __ __ __
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