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Post in the comments any bugs or items needing fixed that you find on the gallery. Our developer, bro can then get them fixed. :happy:

Please note: Duplicate, misspelled or missing tags are not a bug with the site. If you wish to report missing, misspelled or duplicate tags, the please do so over here
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First report: The "mark as read" button isn't working on comments in my comment reply section. I can reply just fine and they go away, but if I just want to delete them, that doesn't seem to be working. I've tried multiple times throughout the day on two different devices and apps.
# Posted on 2020-12-15 @ 5:29 AM
Our developer just fixed some issues so if you could try again next time you're logged in and let me know if you're still having the same problem or not, I'd appreciate it.
# Posted on 2020-12-15 @ 6:48 AM
Images aren't showing and the background isn't loading on any pages except the main page.
# Posted on 2020-12-14 @ 7:02 PM
Thanks for letting us know. There's been issues all day, which our developer is working on. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.
# Posted on 2020-12-15 @ 12:42 AM
Hi, I've been having bugs since yesterday. Can't submit a story - when prompted to select categories, the category titles themselves don't show up so I can't proceed. And today I can't load any images. Everything new after about 1am CET on the main page and on individual image pages shows a broken image icon. Any idea what's up with that? Thanks :)
# Posted on 2020-12-14 @ 6:35 PM
Thanks for letting us know. Our developer has been informed about the issues and hopefully will have everything working again soon.
# Posted on 2020-12-15 @ 12:41 AM
Hello. I've been going around the old site and testing out features -- I found this over here while checking out the Upload tags.

When I follow the link to request a Keyword, it leads me to a security error page, and appears to be trying to send me to the OLD old site. I'm using the current firefox browser.
# Posted on 2020-10-28 @ 5:03 AM
That feature never got fully implemented, which is why it's not working. It's something we do know about.
# Posted on 2020-12-15 @ 12:40 AM
Hi! I mentioned this before but it still seems to be an issue and I may have said it was fixed accidentally...

When writers edit their submission, on the Text/Thumbnail option, all the text is removed. We cannot simply edit any mistakes in the text, we have to reformat the whole text. This can be frustrating as I have to translate it currently from plain text to HTML to BBCode for posting. Even if I just wanted to update and correct the banner, I have to read the whole text.

Could someone tell me if this is supposed to happen?

Thanks! :happyhappy:
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# Posted on 2020-10-21 @ 12:34 PM
I'm noting this to our developer. You should be able to edit without reformating everything.
# Posted on 2020-10-21 @ 3:52 PM
Morning team!

When I posted a fic (this one) I noticed that it showed up on the Most Recent and it shows in the clubs, but it didn't show on my page. It has now been a few days and it still isn't showing on my page. I'm going to be uploading another fic later today and I can see if it shows or not but I wanted to highlight it as missing on my profile page.


NOT A BUG! Found my issue. This happened due to posting to a project group. Changing it back to a club fixed it.
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# Posted on 2020-10-19 @ 7:57 AM
Edited 3 time(s), last edit: 2020-10-19 @ 1:56 PM
Okay, I have added a new fic (this one) and again, it is not showing in my gallery but will show everywhere else.

See above comment. Please ignore.
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# Posted on 2020-10-19 @ 9:12 AM
Edited 1 time(s), last edit: 2020-10-19 @ 1:56 PM
The tag for Super-Heroes/Super-Villains misspells it as "Villians".
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# Posted on 2020-09-23 @ 5:23 AM
So what does "Remember Me" do when I log in? It doesn't seem to actually remember me, I have to log in every time I get back here.
# Posted on 2020-09-20 @ 9:29 PM
This may be caused by your provider. Try clearing your cache and cookies first. If that doesn't work, try resetting your router device and/or the computer. If you're still having a problem after that, just let me know.
# Posted on 2020-09-20 @ 10:14 PM
Edited 1 time(s), last edit: 2020-09-20 @ 10:15 PM
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