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Welcome to the Original Art club! This club is for all drawn works featuring club members' original male characters (cis, transgendered, and transmasc)! Commissioned/gift art of someone else's OC are welcome too!

I only have two rules for using this club:

1. Be respectful to other club members. No harassing, kink shaming, or bullying for any reason (this includes works of art with age gaps). If you have a disagreement with another member and cannot work it out between you, please contact me or one of the Y!Gal mods to help resolve the issue.

2. Please tag and filter your works appropriately and follow the Y!Gal ToS. I won’t police what people post in this club. There are filters in place for subjects that might be triggering. It is the responsibility of club members to make sure they have their filters applied to avoid any works that fall into this category, however, I am all for and encourage people to use thumbs that have additional warnings for extreme content that would fall under the violent imagery filter but that is entirely up to the content creator to do so.

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Angel by devilsbackbone
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2020-09-06 @ 3:24 PM
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ososan - broken heart by galacta
ososan - broken heart
by galacta
Admin: Tattoos
Maybe, I'd have to think about it, it's not something I've thought about (several)
Yep, no problem! (several)
No, I just can't go though that pain (a few)
Other (Feel free to say in the comments) (a few)
Yep, I already have tattoos of my artwork on my body (a few)
No, I don't trust a tattoo artist to do my artwork properly (a few)
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