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Any type of elves allowed, including ones that might not be called elves (for example, Hylians), as long as they are humanoids with pointy ears. If someone unfamiliar with their origin setting would say “that’s an elf” if asked, they’re welcome to be added! Half-elves and elf-hybrids welcome as well! Any setting is fine, including sci-fi.

:abuse: Children (<15) in sexual situations
:abuse: Scat/Watersports

Whatever else is fine as long as it's tagged properly
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The drake com
by SetsunaYagami
Handsome guy in a mask with nice abs. Could you ask for more?
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Maenfen Outfit Reference by Swansong
Maenfen Outfit Reference
by Swansong
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Valentines Zeggy and Alkaline  by DarkChibiShadow
Hi! Would the purple character I have in this pic [thumb=4401] be allowed, by chance?
# Posted on 2020-08-29 @ 10:13 PM
Sure! Aliens can be elves ;) Unusual skin colors and minor anatomical differences are just fine. For instance, the elves in Bright have shark-teeth. And they don’t have to be from a high-fantasy setting. Sci-Fi and modern day stuff is allowed.
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He/him or they/them
# Posted on 2020-08-30 @ 12:05 PM
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ososan - broken heart by galacta
ososan - broken heart
by galacta
Perishing Little Flame on Winding Road chapter 6 by Minachan95
Perishing Little Flame on Winding Road chapter 6
by Minachan95
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