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This is where I post my originals all nice and neat.

A writer of horror (and sometimes mystery, romance, and erotica), S.L. Lewis is a heavy reader herself and loves finding new things to read.

I found that I had a love writing at a young age and started with badly written poems. But soon I grew into fanfiction and some bad stories that I would prefer to ignore forever and ever and ever. If only I could do so. I still write fanfiction but I have moved onto original stories, quite a few that I am planning on ripping into chunks to rewrite as soon as I can.

I am here to explore and learn and grow as a writer, but also as a reader. I find myself amazingly picky as to what I am reading, spoiled by fantastic fanfiction and even better writer friends such as Necia, Ashe, and J.A. Marlow. I plan on discovering new writers of various genres while honing my skill with the readers of WattPad's help.

Please read the warnings when there are warnings. I don't add those just for my health.

I write Male/Male pairings most often than not.

My main genre is horror but I dabble in homosexual erotica and romance, comedy-horror (Bad Dog being one example), murder mystery, and paranormal/supernatural.
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Walk a Path With Me Day 9 by Strailo
Walk a Path With Me Day 9
by Strailo
Posted on 2021-05-13 @ 10:05 PM
Well, it's been well over a year since this pandemic started and I'm still playing catch up. Mostly because I'm always tired lately.

But! Something nice to know is that I am currently streaming!

Well not today but here's my usual schedule and where to find me!

Tuesdays: 12 to 3PM, Arizona Time.

Thursdays: 12 to 3PM, Arizona Time

Saturdays: 12 to 3PM Arizona Time

My Twitch, My Place of Words

What do I write on there?

Bad Dog!: This lovely story is a comedy-horror about 3 paranormal hunters working in a world where the supernatural and paranormal is known about and studied.

Set in a larger series, Bad Dog is the first of the books and we meet Alex, our tired ex-retail worker, Brinda, our Goth who draws hell hounds who are more like sugar hounds, Brian, our tech boy who loves his Alex and will happily stab you with something sharp if you try him, and Richard, our unknowing werewolf.

We also see the bad guy pop up and fumble his way through the first ritual towards ULTIMATE POWER! Or at least that's what he thinks.

I write two chapters each stream on this story.

An Untitled Miraculous Ladybug/Batman story: This one is just for fun and I'm not sure where I'm going with it.

We'll have to see.

So please, feel free to come join me and I hope to see you there.
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