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Hello! Welcome!

Do you like Star Wars? Do you like Evil Space Boyfriends? Well! Here is the place for you :D

Post anything Kylux here!
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General Rules
- Follow ToS.
- Please do not post NSFW minor pieces. SFW is fine, but I myself am not comfortable with it and just would not like to see it.
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Green Nebula by Sparrowlicious
Green Nebula
by Sparrowlicious
Posted on 2020-09-02 @ 8:36 PM
Kylux Events
Hey guys! Here is a list of events that are either over (but still accept artwork/fic for their prompts) or new!

Kylux Throwback Event (Just started)
Kylux Big Bang (closed but has one i think every year)
Kylux Positivty Week (Over but accepts submissions)
Kylux Stuck Inside (Over but accepts submissions)
Kylux Tic Tac Toe (Always accepts submissions)
Kylux Romance Week (Over)
Kylux Adjacents(Over)
Kylux TitleCeption(Over)
Kylux Huxloween (Stars in OCT)

Those are the ones I know of at the moment, but even if they are over, the community would always love to see more art/fic based off those event :3
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2020-09-02 @ 8:36 PM
2020-08-31 @ 6:28 PM
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Goromi by Oneiros
by Oneiros
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