Am I The ONLY One Who Draws This Shit?! :D
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...Yep, this is STILL a club for obscure fictional fanart and fanfic. If you can count the people who have submitted fanart/fanfiction for something on one hand, then it belongs here! We generally prefer stuff that apparently less than three or four people have the balls to create in honor of. It's a fuzzy number, but keep it on one hand, is what I say.

NOTE: this doesn't mean popular things in obscure situations. This means an obscure fandom!

If you're submitting work for something that isn't listed in the series tags here, make a note in your description of what it's from so that we can check it out too. After all, this place is all about glorifying the unknown!

And last of all, have fun and be nice. We'll have to whoop your ass if you don't

Original Y!gallery club founded by Crypticmachine
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Damon Albarn by rdoodles
Damon Albarn
by rdoodles
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My Master is a Naga -- The Completed Remastered Collection by DarkChibiShadow
My Master is a Naga -- The Completed Remastered Collection
by DarkChibiShadow
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