Making Wet Dreams Come True: A Rule 34 Club
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Rule 34: “If it exists, there’s porn of it”

Unfortunately, we all know this isn’t true… how many times have you come across characters who totally need slashing/stripping only to find there’s no porn of them anywhere? Well you’ve come to the right place!

We work at making Rule 34 a reality!
We welcome all pairings! The more unique, irreverent and unlikely the better!
Of course Rule 34 isn’t just about pairings – you can draw/write underappreciated characters on their own if you like!


:checked:Images must in someway be pornographic or erotic – it wouldn’t follow rule 34 otherwise! Obviously for fiction this just means it must involve sexual situations. Kiss pics are fine too.
:cancel:No original characters – the point of the club is to provide access to/a place to post images of characters who are hard to find art/fictions of, so original pieces aren’t allowed (unless your work is published and your characters are known)
:checked: Original designs from characters without a set design already (i.e from a novel) are of course welcome since these still count as fanart
:checked:The subject matter doesn’t have to be unique but it should at LEAST be hard to find
:checked: Try and remember to list the characters and TV show/movie/book/game/whatever they are from so others can benefit from their sexiness!

ANYTHING that follows the ToS is welcome here so it is up to YOU to turn your filters on if you don't want to see certain themes!

Original Y!gallery club founded by Barukisou
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Men of Tango by SmallChangeWilson
Men of Tango
by SmallChangeWilson
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Fearendiel Birkensang by Elikal
Fearendiel Birkensang
by Elikal
hank by harborblues
by harborblues
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