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A club for lovers of men made with the DAZ Studio software. Whether you make these 3D hunks of just like looking at them, all are welcome!

~All genres of work welcomed!
~All types of rendered men, slim, muscular, chubby welcomed!
~All levels of realism welcomed!

Monthly Challenges incoming!
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June Pinup 03 – Strange Flowers by penbrydd
June Pinup 03 – Strange Flowers
by penbrydd
Posted on 2020-08-26 @ 3:30 PM
Hello and Monthly Themes
Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to the Daz Studio club! I admit I was nervous starting this club; before Y! went down I never got the nerve to start a club! So yea, it'll be a learning process and hopefully fun for the lot of you.

One thing I thought would be fun to would be club wide "monthly theme" events. It would be something along the lines of:

-A theme is chosen for the month
-Throughout the month club members would submit pieces revolving around that theme
-The next month submissions relating to that theme would be featured in the "featured artwork" spot on the club's main page.

Daz Studio is so awesome because users can all have the same assets, but create wildly different things! So seeing how everyone adopts a theme just excites me!

What do you lot think?
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2020-08-26 @ 3:30 PM
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Hello, may I join? I render a fair amount of male content in Daz Studio. I'm also Xyshurondor on deviantart, I just don't have a place to post erections there. ;)
# Posted on 2022-06-20 @ 2:46 AM
Hey, I'd like to join. I haven't had any artworks up yet, but that's mainly because the other sites I'm on typically tend to report my work if I sexualize two men together instead of two women together, so I end up doing that kind of work less. (ugh, double standards).

I'm working on showcasing my M/M works eventually though!
# Posted on 2021-08-21 @ 12:16 PM
Happy to have you friend! I look forward to seeing your work here!
# Posted on 2020-08-26 @ 3:20 PM
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Bellhop Boy by Elikal
Bellhop Boy
by Elikal
Pinktober - Day 10 - Charm by frostyshark
Pinktober - Day 10 - Charm
by frostyshark
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