Super Drags
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Super Drags é uma série de animação adulta brasileira original da Netflix e Combo Estúdio! Tem 1 temporada e 5 episódios! / Super Drags is a Brazilian original adult animated series by Netflix and Combo Estudio! It has 1 season and 5 episodes!

(^)Disclaimer for non-Brazilians and people who watched the American dub only: while the series is Brazilian and, as such, cannot be fully translated and contextualized for English speaking audiences AND it the American dub had a STELLAR cast... it's inaccurate. To better understand the series, you need at least Portuguese subtitles! The English made major changes to the original, such as:
- Completely removing Ralph's otaku side
- Changing characters genders and sexualities, such as Nicholas, who is simply stated to be bisexual in the original but was changed to gender fluid in the dub
- Adding offensive slurs

Sure, the series isn't for everyone, and some jokes can be distasteful to any audience, but please understand the context first. And if it's not your cup of tea, it's understandable.

Buuuut if you liked it...
WELCOME!! :kiss:
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Gay by hippiehyena
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