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Y! Tutorial: How to Submit on 'EXTRAS' ^^!  by SlashweilerDog
A place for anything (fanart or fan fiction) related to Pixelberry Studios' Choices: Stories You Play. Male characters, genderbent female characters and furryfied pets are welcome here!


1. Choices-related submissions only.
2. Submissions must be fully compliant to Y!g's ToS. If you're still in doubt about your submission's compliance, you must first verify it with Y!g's mods in [club=1].
3. Follow Y!g's ToS.
4. Respect club mods & fellow members.
5. No Shota allowed (PB or even Nexon may sue anyone for CSEM, including Y!g's mods, this club's mods & you). Submissions containing teenage characters (e.g. Miles Roanhorse, all students from HSS/HSSCA, WEH & MTFL, etc.) must be aged up to at least 18 years old before posting. SFW submissions (all ages) are allowed.
6. Add filters to your submissions if necessary.


1. As a general rule, request only Male/Body Type 2 (Cis or Trans) Characters, including GoCs (MCs/LIs). Enby characters may also be allowed, as long as they still look more like males. One prominent example is Wrenn of AME. Also, see this FAQ article for more information.
2. Only request tags in the tag request section of [club=1]. Please check for existing Choices subseries/character tags first before requesting. Please do it in a format like this example below:

Some additional tags for "Choices: Stories You Play":

High School Story/HSS: Class Act -> Aiden Zhou;Ajay Bhandari;Main Character (HSS) "Jordan Lee";Main Character (HSS:CA) "Bailey Jenkins";Michael Harrison;Rory Silva;Twin Sibling (HSS:CA) "Casey Jenkins"
Open Heart -> Bryce Lahela;Ethan Ramsey;Main Character "Casey Valentine";Rafael Aveiro
Perfect Match -> "Hayden" Young;Damien Nazario;Khaan Mousavi;Main Character "Kai" Park
The Royal Romance/Heir -> Drake Walker;Prince/King "Liam" Rys;Maxwell Beaumont

3. If the character's name is customizable, kindly add quotation marks on the default name: first name, if it's the only customizable part; entire name, if the last name is also customizable. Do something like these examples below:

"Clint" Covington
European Guy/Prince "Leo" Rys
Best Man/"Justin" Mercado
Mayor "Myles" Dixon
Handsome Stranger "Adam McIntyre"
Twin Sibling (HSS:CA) "Casey Jenkins"

4. For requesting MC tags, add "Main Character", not "Your Character", next to MC's default name. Be sure to add quotation marks on the default name like the preceding rule above. Do something like these following items below:

a. MC naming conventions for single lead GoC books, no need to add series acronyms. Examples are:

Main Character "Alex"
Main Character "Kai" Park
Main Character "Morgan Garrity"

b. MC naming conventions for GoC books having one MC on an original series & another on its spinoff series, must add series acronyms enclosed in parentheses, placing between "Main Character" and MC's default name. Examples are:

Main Character (ILITW) "Devon"
Main Character (ILB ) "Harper" Vance
Main Character (HSS) "Jordan Lee"
Main Character (HSS:CA) "Bailey Jenkins"

5. GoC characters (MCs/LIs) whose names (customizable or not) and/or titles depend on their chosen gender. Pick only names (or even gender neutral nicknames) and/or titles that correspond to Male/Body Type 2 versions. Kindly follow the instructions like these examples below:

Main Character "Kai/Kiana Liko" should only appear as Main Character "Kai Liko"
Ian/Ina Kingsley should only appear as Ian Kingsley
Mayor "Myles/Myra" Dixon should only appear as Mayor "Myles" Dixon
King/Queen-Regent/"Hunter" Fierro should only appear as King-Regent/"Hunter" Fierro
Sam Dalton should only be used, not Samuel/Samantha Dalton

6. Do not request tags from VIP/Early Access Books. Wait for these books to become available to all players. It would be unfair to anyone who are not subscribers of Choices VIP and possibly see spoilers from books they can't play. This rule will also be compliant to PB's ruling on spoilers as requesting them right away could potentially be flagged as spoilers. It is highly recommended that you request them after they were completely out of VIP/Early Access status, like the last chapter has been rolled out to all players.

The following books that are previously exclusive to Choices VIP subscribers are now rolling out to all players (as of May 13, 2022 PST): SR, CoP, UT, TPS

7.Do not request tags from translated versions of books originally written in English whose tags are already available (e.g. El Romance Real, Pasión en Sangre, etc.).
8. Do not request tags of miscellaneous characters from any book (hookup characters are allowed, e.g. Will from LoA). Can be requested only if one of them becomes a regular character.
9. Do not request tags of underaged characters from any book (e.g. Mason Dalton, Hamza Mousavi, etc.) as this may encourage fans to create NSFW underaged content and if PB or even Nexon knew about this, they could file a cease-and-desist order to anyone hosting and making Shota content of these characters. They could sue anyone for CSEM as well.
10. A character that appears in multiple books should only be included in a series where he originally appeared from. One example is Bastien. He appears both in RoE & TRR/TRH but he appeared first from the former.

If you still don't understand how to request tags as described above, please PM [icon=htlgbtqartworks] to let him do your tag requests from Choices. You may also DM him in Choices Fandom: The Server and Choices: Stories You Play servers on Discord. His nick in aforementioned Discord servers is Drake, Ethan and Mark: Stan Artist.


These assets can only be used for references. You're not allowed to post works containing these assets like those edits found in IG since they violate Y!g's ToS Rules 6a, 6f & 6g. Here are the links to pages (Tumblr) containing these character assets:

1. korgbelmont (formerly thereckorgning)
2. A Bookish Creative
3. thirst-related endeavors (ladynonsense)
4. kaitloyalist
5. choicesarehard
6. A Tired™ AroAce (cassiopeiacorvus)

Please PM any club mod if you have another link other than listed above. Let us know if one of these links suddenly become inactive.

Also, click [thumb=1604] on how to submit your content on Extras.

For more info about this game, its book series, their characters and more, we recommend you visit Choices: Stories You Play Wiki!

This club uses acronyms mostly from r/Choices and r/ChoicesVIP but acronyms from the wiki can also be used.

Club icon originally created for changing app icons by zigsnose (loveisfries) of Tumblr.

Club banner and theme designed by [icon=htlgbtqartworks] (Drake, Ethan and Mark: Stan Artist), based on UI from MW, PM, ATV, TH:M & CoP.
Posted on 2021-10-25 @ 4:01 AM
Wanted: More Qualified Club Moderator(s)
I've created this unofficial club in this site dedicated to all players of Choices and it was meant to be a fan-run community, so it actually needs moderators that are more qualified to manage and have more knowledge in this mobile game than mine.

For now, I'm the interim moderator of this club and I'm ready to hand over the management to anyone interested. Besides, any club in this site can have more than one mod and it's up to the new mod(s) if they still wanted me to be retained as part of club moderation. They could add another mod as well if need arises.

If anyone is interested to become a mod in this club, please PM me so that I could add you as a club mod, as long as I'm still the mod of this club. In case there's a new one already and if I'm no longer a club mod, please PM any of them so that they could add you as a mod. Please make sure you have read and understand this site's ToS and this club rules and have more knowledge in this mobile game before requesting to become a mod of this club.
Home of Drawn Hotties! Previously known in the old site as htonygallery. Kinkiness Reimagined! Artistry of Sexual Fantasies. All other profiles via Linktree.
Interim moderator of these clubs I've created that need more qualified mods, having more knowledge than mine. Feel free to join:
[club=333] [club=378] [club=379] [club=381] [club=408]
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2021-10-25 @ 4:01 AM
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