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Is a man not entitled to the ass of his son?
'No!' says the man in Washington, 'It belongs to the poor.'
'No!' says the man in the Vatican, 'It belongs to God.'
'No!' says the man in Moscow, 'It belongs to everyone.'

Give me your brothers, your cousins, your fathers and sons, your uncles and grandfathers, your horny masses yearning to do it in the butt, the naughty secrets of your nuclear families. Send these, the lecherous perverts, to me, I lift my lamp beside the throbbing cock!

Here in this club, we are free to bask in the savory delight of fictional fancies. Follow the site rules, don't cause trouble, and absolutely zero harassment or judgement is to be tolerated!

Let's keep it cute!
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Murphies by MaxEffort88
by MaxEffort88
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Don't wake the sleepy boy up - AT with Twistyprince by Animefanka
Don't wake the sleepy boy up - AT with Twistyprince
by Animefanka
Please stay by Chrysonoe
Please stay
by Chrysonoe
Admin: Tattoos
Maybe, I'd have to think about it, it's not something I've thought about (several)
Yep, no problem! (several)
No, I just can't go though that pain (a few)
Other (Feel free to say in the comments) (a few)
Yep, I already have tattoos of my artwork on my body (a few)
No, I don't trust a tattoo artist to do my artwork properly (a few)
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