(o) The club strictly for explicit acts! (o)
Subjects must be experiencing penetration (oral or anal) or participating in explicit sexual acts. Full frontal! No shounen-ai! Original and fanart welcome.
A place for art and stories about drugs and alcohol.
This is the place for piss-related art and writing. If it includes piss, such as watersports, wetting/omorashi, or whatever else -- as long as it includes urine in some way, it's welcome here.
For all things monster boys and teratophilia! Mermaids, nagas, harpies, spiders, centaurs, slimes, and more!

If he's half human and half creature of some kind, we want him...
Got an original comic concept? Is it porn? Well put it right the fuck here then!
A club for fellow Fire Emblem fans to link art and discuss of the many heroic males throughout the series.
The right place for all things non-con!
Beards. Moustaches. Scruffy stubble. Chops. Goatees
Facial hair lovers posting art of bearded men in lust, love or casually enjoying life.
A club dedicated for fans of Beast Boy. Rather is the twerking version, comic, live action, or the original teen titan series version, all incarnations are welcome.
Any superhero or villain is allowed, gay or not. Original or fanart.
A collection of tasteful and tasteless yaoi and bara featuring watersports and urolangia in general.
A Club for all the fans of Harry Potter boys to share their art and stories. All pairings welcome including rare one like Harry/Ron or Wesleycest.
Get in loser, we're going to Hell.
Because it’s not everyone that likes silly twinks :wink:
The first Piss related group on Y-Gallery 2.

This place is for you if you like omorashi, wetting, watersports and more!
A place to share and promote your webcomic!
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It seems like we'll be together for a while. by SeikaBheatriz
It seems like we'll be together for a while.
by SeikaBheatriz
GinHiji_indirect 69 by elisarg
GinHiji_indirect 69
by elisarg
hushicho: Give me your sexy opinion!
Supernatural investigators finding horny things (several)
High fantasy hijinks (sexy elves and the like) (a few)
Magic students misadventure (a few)
Sci-fi adventure (think Heavy Metal or John Carter of Mars) (a few)
Demons gone wild (a few)
Thirsty witches and warlocks (like Sabrina, but less miserable) (a couple)
Something else (please comment!) (none)
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