Whether it be a shirt unbuttoned and falling off, a barely there towel, trousers round knees, and underware shoved aside, submit it NOW!!
Only male asses and butts...
Rule 34: “If it exists, there’s porn of it”
(o) The club strictly for explicit acts! (o)
Subjects must be experiencing penetration (oral or anal) or participating in explicit sexual acts. Full frontal! No shounen-ai! Original and fanart welcome.
Do you hate to draw backgrounds? Do you not know what to do with them? Do you just plain suck at them? Then join in!
Yaoi works for the Series Bleach

All yaoi ships welcome, be they human, hollow, shinigami, vizard, fullbringer, arrancar, quincy, zanpakuto spirit, bount, or mod soul.

Ygallery rules apply
A club for those men who love being stuffed full. Anal, sounding, mouths, anything goes as long as the men are being stuffed full!
For the secondary boys in Naruto: Izumo, Kotetsu, Genma, Raidou, Hayate, etc.
Are there only a handful of fanworks for your ship? Have the characters never even met in canon? Are you possibly the only one who ships them? Do they not make sense on paper, but feel oh so right in your head? If so, you've come to the right place
A fanclub for the pairing of Sado "Chad" Yasutora and Ishida Uryuu
A club for imlikat's sketches and linearts, and YOUR colored versions of them! Edit, fix, add, remove, and color however you want to!
If you love sexy line art, whether brush pen, pencil, ink or digital, you are welcome to join. All skill and participation levels are welcome.
This club is for people that love big guys and visibly smaller guys together. :happyhappy:
Does your OC kill people? Does your favorite character kill people? He's a murderboy! Share him here.
a place to share the love of Rare Kinks like size theft, robotiazation, and Himbofication along with rare pairings or fandoms
A Quincy fanclub
For all Naruto fandom m/m pairings.
A club for works featuring Bleach's Sado "Chad" Yasutora
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Rotten apple by Genisc
Rotten apple
by Genisc
Brycean by Oneiros
by Oneiros
imlikat: What to upload next?
Just upload a variety (some)
Mohawk!Chad pics (5 pics) (several)
Chad/Ichigo pics (8 pics) (several)
The Suit fic (10 chapters) (+Six Months ficlets)(6 short chapters) (several)
The Adventures of Chibi Ishi-Doll (based on DirtyOldLady's fic)(12 pgs) (several)
Favorite SadoIshi pics (6 or 7) (several)
All Your Keigo Are Belong To Us (8 pics) (several)
Clicky Box! (a few)
Remaining 3 Keigo/Kon fics (+3.5 pictures) (a few)
SadoIshiHime Extras (15 pics)(!!! :o)(+2 fics) (a few)
Favorite coloring book club linearts (6 or 7) (a few)
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