Incest is best, put your brother to the test!
Whether it be a shirt unbuttoned and falling off, a barely there towel, trousers round knees, and underware shoved aside, submit it NOW!!
(o) The club strictly for explicit acts! (o)
Subjects must be experiencing penetration (oral or anal) or participating in explicit sexual acts. Full frontal! No shounen-ai! Original and fanart welcome.
A place for those accepting commissions and those seeking commissions.

Membership is Open.
Cuffed, collared, gagged, bound...
A place for all our sexy pointy-eared boys, from any franchise or setting :wink:
For those who just want more fun in their sex life but are not interested in the whole BDSM lifestyle
A place where all the beautiful men of Final Fantasy Saga can live together!
So, they are waiting for you!
Hear. Feel. Think.
Club for all things FINAL FANTASY XIV, and its expansions.
A place for DBZ fans to gather and share their art and stories. The content here will also be posted on Boxer & Rice which is our official back up archive.····gay-sex/
A club for fanworks for all ships and characters of the FF7 universe. (naturally including CC, DoC, AC and the remake)
For drawn works containing original characters.
Some lads never learn! A club dedicated to spanking all the bad boy butts! For 18+ characters only!
If you use the Procreate app, join up!
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Mugging Merchant by SoulzEdge
Mugging Merchant
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UL Requests 1
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