by Chrysonoe
Minachan95 wrote:
But what a dramatic and anti-climatic scene it might been xDDD Okay, just now just wondering how many times Alucard has to deal with this (this definately the first time, I can feel that)? So, finally, Alucard has enough and took Trevor without even letting to finish his drink. And surely, one thing was being carried like a princess...But other, well, let's just say Alucard has a divine patience while listening to Trevor's complains like ''But I almost won~'', ''Yeah, sure, you win...'' while Alucard shakes his head and taking this 'hero-from-whatever-suppose-this-time-was-quest' home. Plus, I bet, afterwards Trevor either woudn't give a rest while moving during the sleep, either sleeping like log. Sorry, got carried away x'D So, your art this time gave this instant hc
I imagine Alucard to be very patient, indeed. But he's also worried about Trevor drinking too much. Sometimes the hunter sneaks away to visit the tavern. Wouldn't be a problem if he could stop himself and know his limit, but he doesnt. One time Alucard found Trevor sleeping under a table and someone had stolen his money, another time Trevor got lost on his way home back to the castle and Alucard had to search him. They really need to talk about it once Trevor is sober again.
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Yup, that's true. It's no good, if you don't know your limits - -' Hopefully, this time Trevor won't escape from the talk...
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