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Grimmalkin wrote:
Outlining the TOS rules more clearly will reduce flagged posts and frayed nerves about where, how, and whether to post. So will understanding the uploading system. I want to see if I do. Check my work? :3

Y-Gallery does not have an algorithm. The users are responsible for choosing what they want to see, and making sure the content they submit reaches the eyeballs that want to see it most. That's why it HAS like, seven hecking tabs to fill out before you get to the upload button.

It's also why Y!Gallery has a moderator system. People share smut that they made themselves on here. It sucks to wade through the content you didn't want to see before finding something you like. It sucks to put something up and have some rando tear into you or report you because your content is a Hard Pass for them. Enforcing the filter and tagging system is not as objective or clearly defined as anyone would like. Still, I like it better than most other social media platforms, and I hope the dialogs and improvements continue apace.

So, Filters: These are for the BIG tents in the Rainbow Keysmash circus. Suppose your work depicts Men with Bonus Holes (*raises a hand and waves it around enthusiastically*), and you want to post it. Select NSFW Transgender as its filter. Themes appear to show up based on the filters you've selected: these are more specific. (Okay, Irrefutable Hole Invasion is happening -- which holes are being occupied? Who is occupying whom? Does the Hole Invader come with a side of body hair?)

Select all other relevant categories it falls under, and upload it. Correctly done, it ensures that viewers who don't consent to see The Trans(TM) can set up their account accordingly and be spared my content.

This is the same process someone uploading sexy catholic priests, furries, pregnant dudes, sexy robots, Fun with Body Secretions, sexy drug addicts, sexy murderfucks, and sexy violation kink will go through, correct?

And now it's the same process for depictions of teenagers. Content featuring grade school children goes in extras, and pre-schoolers are Right Out.

How'd I do?
You got it in one. You get an A+ and a gold star. :star:
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# Posted on 2020-10-27 @ 10:22 PM
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I understand that shota, more than any other kind of content on this site, is a nightmare to regulate. Setting aside the problem of multiple camps in conflict over a social taboo with a severe Overton window, there are life and career-destroying consequences for breaking Federal Laws in the US.

All the more reason to make the TOS language regarding kids and sex as precise as possible!

I want to know the criteria used to determine age: Stated Age, Appearance, Proportions, Art Style, and Behavior are all factors that I've noticed coming into play. Are any of these weighted more than the others? I know that it can get very case by case and that it has been the cause of many moderator migraines in the past.

I recall past amendments to the TOS. Crossdressers and high femme characters got a set of criteria to meet after everyone got tired of being reported for posting up "Women."

On the opposite extreme, Y!gallery had to specify NON-furry content criteria during the furry ban. Users incorrectly flagged everything from Kemonomimi to cute black characters as Furry, and nobody was happy about it.

Since it's so subjective, the flaggings will undoubtedly continue. Still, if we're all in agreement on the criteria used, maybe it will be a little less of a skull-splitter?
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# Posted on 2020-10-28 @ 4:59 AM
I can tell you that Shota being a nightmare to regulate is an understatement. We've reworked that rule quite a few times and no matter what we do we just can't seem to make people happy about it.

Back in the day it didn't seem to be such a problem (mostly people just wanted to make sure the filter was applied). Maybe it's because there are so few art sites allowing it now or there is a difference in the mindset of the new generation that's able to access Y!gallery now, but there seems to more of an outcry to eliminate shota entirely than there ever was in the past, and with no room for compromise.

When we moderate, we go by how a character looks as the artist has drawn them in that specific image. If they appear to be under the age of consent (We're US based so that's 16), that filter needs to be applied, regardless of their age in canon or age stated by the artist. All the criteria you mentioned above will be taken into account.

On any reported image, 3 separate mods have to agree (or disagree) with the reporter in order for it to have a decision made on it. On any case that we feel might be borderline or another mod disagrees on, we will get together in our moderator chat area, look over the image and report again, discuss and state our case for and against, and then take a vote. It's the fairest way we can do it, so that no one moderator has total control over what constitutes a violation or not (and that's for any submission that's reported to us, not just Shota).

Shota is a contentious artform, and will likely always motivate strong feelings and opinions, so I expect we'll have to continue to discuss the best way to moderate it in our meetings (Pray for us).
# Posted on 2020-10-28 @ 4:00 PM
It is a thankless job to be a mod, but I am so. damn. happy. you're all here. I've heard stories from former mods and how meetings can often look more like a schoolyard brawl or a tumblr fandom pileup know. Due Process.

Even when I got flagged on the old site (or contacted in DMs by a mod giving me a head's up about something in a new post that might get reported), I always appreciated that, on the flip-side, if someone was determined to drive a hate-train through someone's comments, they could be derailed.

Tumblr and Twitter don't have that and I missed it BADLY.

So thank you for this. Let us know if there are any ways (besides following the TOS and being kind with eachother) the community can help?
# Posted on 2020-10-28 @ 6:42 PM
For sure I will let everyone know if there's ways to help. Thank you so much!
# Posted on 2020-10-28 @ 9:03 PM
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