by TheKC
Could there be an allowance for fictional penis?
I understand you don't want animal ones, but for fantasy creatures like mermen, nagas, demons and such tend to have more slender or ragged-ness to them.
And there could be a filter for those who don't want it.

I understand if it's a no. Just hoping. XD;

Thanks for all your hard work bringing the site back. I've kinna missed it. I wish you guys luck!
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# Posted on 2020-11-07 @ 2:04 PM
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Sorry I'm so late to answer this and you may already know this by now, but we do now have a non-human genitalia filter which can be applied to any penis that is not human in appearance.
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# Posted on 2021-02-11 @ 10:02 PM
Yes! Known from the journal that was made! Thanks! Keep up the awesome work! :heart::love:
# Posted on 2021-02-12 @ 1:14 AM
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