by lyiint
penbrydd wrote:
So, AO3's donation drive is also this month, which got me thinking that y!Gallery might benefit from a similar strategy -- donation drives with known dates, a few times a year, with a goal amount that the site's trying to reach, and updates on how close we've gotten to the goal.

Like, if a donation drive were to be held every four months, you'd be trying to raise $400 in each one. (Maybe $450, if we're being sensible, because having a little extra in case something goes wrong is a good thing to budget in advance.) The updates to current donations vs goal (perhaps a little block in the sidebar? a daily update on Discord?) would help people see how close you've gotten and encourage them to donate, because they'll know whether you've gotten to the goal yet. I find people are overly optimistic, when they're not looking at the numbers.
That's a really good idea. I'll mention it to the fam. Thanks!!
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# Posted on 2021-04-11 @ 2:10 AM
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