by MJEsperandieu
hushicho wrote:
WOW, you are just sending me! Basara in this pic is perfect. You've got all his features so beautifully spot-on, and though I never imagined he would wear Minmay's outfit, he does a great job. And with that voice of his, I'd listen to him dressed in anything or nothing! This is why you're one of my favorite artists of all time.
Aww, thanks a lot - I'm happy to hear you like the pic, regardless of the outfit. :happyhappy: And also thanks a lot for introducing the character to me, of course! He's really fun to draw, especially the hairdo.
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# Posted on 2021-04-11 @ 10:35 PM
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I am always delighted whenever you draw any characters, especially ones I know and love! To have you make art of these characters is a joy, and it keeps them on people's minds, which is another great thing. Thank you always, for all your work!
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# Posted on 2021-04-12 @ 12:23 AM
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