by Pierrot
I would like to apply for the add of the tags of a videogame

Baldur's Gate 3-> Tav, Astarion, Wyll, Gale, Halsin, Cazador Szarr, Zevlor, Volo, Omeluum, Gur, Dror Razlin, Abdirak.

As its in early access and the game is not yet finished, more characters will might be added.

Also, On the World of Warcraft Tag if it can be added:

Mathias Shaw; Flynn Fairwind; Edwin VanCleef; Turalyon; Genn Greymane; Sire Denathrius; The Jailor; Prince Renathal; Lor'themar Theron; Magister Umbric; Aspirant Thales

Thank you :heart:
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# Posted on 2021-04-12 @ 4:48 AM
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