by lyiint
penbrydd wrote:
I'm having some difficulties with the behaviour of the thumbnail tag. In a comment on this work, I've got thumbnails for two NSFW images: 666 and 13796. 666 is showing the float preview for 16495 and 13796 isn't showing one at all.

Looking at the code reveals that 666 is requesting 'thumbFloat1', which appears later and is loading the content for 16495. 13796 is requesting 'thumbFloat2', which isn't there, but 'thumbFloat3' is, and it's also loading the content for 16495.

For what it's worth, 16495 is the SFW image immediately preceding the submission the comment is on. I dumped cache and tried again, and it's still doing it.

[=EDIT=] oh, ffs, it's only doing it when the comment loads on the submission page. It's not doing it in the solo comment page. Link updated accordingly.
Hi there. I let bro know about your problem and sent him a message to get in touch with you to see what he can do.
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# Posted on 2021-04-29 @ 12:03 AM
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