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a few counterpoints:

tumblr's issue was with the istore's policy, if I remember correctly, and mostly because of the very real porn on its site, and pornbots running rampant (which I believe is still not solved even if their tos has changed, but thank god they stopped the drawn porn, amirite?). y!gal does not allow for imagery of real people, or even too realistic art of people under the age of 16, if it did, this would be a completely different discussion.

I believe I have come across several places where people have asked lawyers whether DRAWN art of minors in sexual situations is illegal, and the answer has been no every time. Unfortunately I don't have links to this, nor am I a legal expert, so this point should definitely be explored by the mods, I don't think anyone would want y!gal to be shut down due to legal issues.

As for the ethical side, I won't go into that discussion, because I don't think it will change your mind, nor am I into shota/loli so I'm not the right person to go into a discussion about it. However, it is important to remember that art is a safe way to explore and express fantasies or even otherwise unacceptable cravings without feeling the need to seek it out irl.

Lastly, I'll just point out that there's plenty of things allowed on this site that is not purely good, seen from an ethical view, such as rape, death, violence, necrophilia, gore and vore. I have seen plenty of art on this site that I'm uncomfortable with or that brings out disgust in me, but that doesn't mean I will call for a ban on such things. Personally I'm more disturbed by the growing puritanism online. Puritanism has never led to a better society, just a more repressed society based on shaming people after increasingly stricter moral views. That's not the way I wish to see y!gal go.

I won't be replying to this comment, it just needed to be said.
# Posted on 2020-08-25 @ 5:02 PM
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