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I know what you mean. Nostalgia hit my sister the other day so she watched that old Disney Pecos Bill cartoon, and I was like "if he was raised by coyotes why is he wearing clothes? Who taught him to shoot and use the lasso?" Details you don't think about as a kid (also, I always hated the horse Widowmaker).
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Yeah, that's exactly the point - a certain degree of artistic license is necessary with feral children, of course: real-life feral children can't speak human language or engage in any kind of normal social interaction, that's just not feasible for a fictional protagonist. But you really shouldn't exploit that license to the degree where a feral child is decked out in equipment that only a bronze-age+ society could produce and speak perfectly fluently, save for a quirk or two. :XD:
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# Posted on 2021-11-22 @ 12:13 AM
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