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Hello, first off thank you for having the site up and going again.

The question I have is in regard to more detailed filtering for character age. Do you still have the option to mark a character within a certain age bracket like a teen being 16-19 or some such thing? I know the old site had it but maybe I'm blind and didn't see it. I just categorized an Ever After High piece as shota because technically I guess high school characters would fall into that category. Should I have chosen something else?

Hunter and Sparrow for review

Daring and Dexter for review
Hi there. You're not blind. We took out the age category since it really wasn't needed. For us, as long as the characters are or appear to be 16+ years, they do not need the shota filter. Anyone under that age (or who looks to be under the age) of 16 would require the filter.

In both your drawings your characters appear to be at least 16yrs old and do not require the shota filter. You can remove it if you feel comfortable with it off. Alternately, you can leave it on. You would not be in violation in either case. In this instance, it's up to your discretion. :happy:
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# Posted on 2022-01-16 @ 6:49 AM
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Sounds good :happy: and your artwork is sexy. I'm sure everyone will enjoy it.
# Posted on 2022-01-16 @ 9:28 PM
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