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Will there at least be a read-only archive somewhere? The recent internet landscape of information and website history no longer being easily accessible via public forum and any information being locked behind things like Discord servers worries me, especially in regard to preservation of the old internet. If it's closing to new posts for easier moderation that's fine, but it would still suck if everything were completely deleted without leaving a backup archive that can still be found.
While I 100% agree that archiving is an important task and something that should definitely be done. That's not really possible while also trying to cut unnecessary costs. The forum software we use is called Discourse, and we can absolutely make it read only, but we'd still end up having to pay for the server that runs it each month.

The reason why I personally am alright with the forum closure is due to its infrequent use. I could totally understand if it were the original Y!g forum which has been lost to time. But this version of the forum didn't have anything particularly noteworthy.
There were a total of 108 posts on the forum, 40 something of which were introductions, a couple more people asking why they couldn't log in with their own credential, etc.
The main post that we'd likely want to archive would be [icon=Stefan1984]'s post about sharing their artist archive.

That being said, I could be wrong about all this. If there's anything I'm missing then I'd be happy to hear them ^-^
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