by Gayskeletonart
Hi one of my pieces was reported but I don't know why
Root (Club/Project)
# Posted on 2022-05-26 @ 1:07 AM
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Hi. Your piece is in our moderation area. Once we get a chance to look at it, we'll let you know if there is any problem via PM. If there's no problem, it will be returned to you. We should have an answer to you one way or the other soon.
Reply Root (Club/Project)
# Posted on 2022-05-26 @ 3:03 AM
Thank you
# Posted on 2022-05-26 @ 8:44 AM
Your work has been returned. Nothing was wrong. You should see it back in your gallery now.
# Posted on 2022-05-27 @ 12:34 AM
Thank you. Do you know why it was flagged?
# Posted on 2022-05-27 @ 3:21 AM
It seems like the reporter thought that all censoring was against the rules, but didn't realize we allow pixelation as a censor.
# Posted on 2022-05-28 @ 4:19 PM
Huh, that's a weird reason to report someone. Thanks again
# Posted on 2022-05-28 @ 6:53 PM
You're welcome ^_^
# Posted on 2022-05-29 @ 10:23 PM
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