by SlashweilerDog
mogamiworld wrote:
I’m not sure if this has been addressed yet, but I didn’t see it in the faQs so I’m curious if it will ever be possible to upload multiple images into one submission, like what pixiv allows you to do, so that you can share sketch dumps without having to create super long image documents yourself. I tried doing that with one of my comics which was a series of sequential images that I strung together on one png, but it was time consuming so I hope there will be a way to upload multiple image documents to one submission. Thanks!
At the moment due to old code limitations it's not possible, but it will be indeed entirely possible in the 2.0 version ^^
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# Posted on 2020-08-25 @ 1:26 PM
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Neat! I have another question. When we move to 2.0, will all the data from the accounts we have right now be transferred or will we have to remake completely? Ty
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# Posted on 2020-08-25 @ 1:34 PM
as I recall [icon=bro] saying, there's gonna be a one time massive export of the data from the site since it reopened into the new version ^^
Gay Muscle Toon Goodies... with a Milky Dash of Tentacles!
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# Posted on 2020-08-25 @ 2:06 PM
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NICE I’m really glad to hear that! :thumbs up:
# Posted on 2020-08-25 @ 2:10 PM
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