by gutterpupper
Take care of this venture Banni and check the ToS/Staff before posting. I haven't seen your furry work but check it doesn't violate rule 1F. Also, take care of creating additional accounts that you don't fall foul of rule 8.

I wouldn't think it necessary to separate your art by human and furry. If users do not want to see it, as long as you tag it as anthropomorphic, users can filter it out with the Do not show anthropomorphic in settings. It would be a shame to make you have to do double the work managing multiple accounts considering the hard work you already put into your artwork. :heart:
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# Posted on 2020-08-26 @ 6:34 AM
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Thank you for your feedback!
I have in the gallery there are 2 works with furry, there are filters on anthropomorphic and genitals of human forms! :D
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# Posted on 2020-08-26 @ 6:40 AM
Just spotted them. Forgive me for not looking harder. *sips coffee at 7.30AM*

I have no objection to seeing them! After all, they are part of your portfolio and work so I'd be happy to see them appear in my updates. Equally, I can drop a watch on FA if you decided not to. It's just my opinion that you should not have to make two accounts here to share your work. We as the viewer should be using the options built into this site to hide anything we don't want to see or mature enough to pass over things that do not interest us while still overall supporting the creator. That should not be on you. :happyhappy:
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# Posted on 2020-08-26 @ 6:58 AM
You're absolutely right! Thank you! I think this will influence my decision! :kiss:
# Posted on 2020-08-26 @ 7:00 AM
After the first version of the site was closed, I went to the FA, there was a lot of work. I'm just wondering if my subscribers will be interested in seeing them, or if I should still leave the furries where they are ^^
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# Posted on 2020-08-26 @ 6:43 AM
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