by Banni
gutterpupper wrote:
Take care of this venture Banni and check the ToS/Staff before posting. I haven't seen your furry work but check it doesn't violate rule 1F. Also, take care of creating additional accounts that you don't fall foul of rule 8.

I wouldn't think it necessary to separate your art by human and furry. If users do not want to see it, as long as you tag it as anthropomorphic, users can filter it out with the Do not show anthropomorphic in settings. It would be a shame to make you have to do double the work managing multiple accounts considering the hard work you already put into your artwork. :heart:
After the first version of the site was closed, I went to the FA, there was a lot of work. I'm just wondering if my subscribers will be interested in seeing them, or if I should still leave the furries where they are ^^
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# Posted on 2020-08-26 @ 6:43 AM
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