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lyiint wrote:
Hi Lilykin. I'm not on FA, but if you could send me a copy/paste of their policy regarding shota, I'd be interested in reading it. Thanks :happy:
Hello, artist here who is asking that you guys don't change the policy. At the very least, certainly do not change it to a "no minors allowed" policy. I do think it would be good, like someone else suggested, to break it into multiple categories, such as a general underage filter and then a shota filter for younger characters.

In the end, art has neither crime nor victim. I would invite folks like lilykin to explain to me why they don't spend their time crusading against depictions of minors engaged in sexual activity in mainstream media, or spend their time actually working to help survivors of CSA. Explain to me how disallowing fictional content helps prevent CSA.

It takes only cursory research to find that trying to censor or eliminate fictional depictions of minors engaging in sexual activity does not do anything to curb actual CSA. (While controversial, some studies show that increasing access to such materials actually decreased incidence of actual CSA.)

Anyway, stepping away from the impact on CSA side of it, there are a lot of fanartists of JP media who are looking for refuge since tumblr's NSFW ban, and while some have moved to twitter, it is a platform that is extremely prone to harassment. As such a fanartist myself, it's exciting to have a dedicated gallery again that won't oust me just because I occasionally draw guys from a shounen anime banging or something. If y!gal disallows that, it'll just be yet another platform that chose censorship and puritanism over freedom in art, and many of us will have to leave.

tl;dr There is no proof that sexual depictions of minors cause or even have any clear correlation to CSA, and it's not fair to disallow it b/c it disgusts people when this site allows many other subjects which can also trigger or disgust people. It is a user's responsibility to filter and a poster's responsibility to tag properly, and that should be the end of it.
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