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DISCLAIMER: I am 100% anti-pedophilia and I have actually done trafficking rescues. I have also reported actual suspected incidents.

However, as someone who used to have a girlfriend with a genetic disorder that stopped her growth at 4'10," two close friends with metabolic disorders, and my suffering complications related to CAH and eating disorders which caused me to look like I was 16 until I was 30, the whole thing about excluding perfectly legal drawings of adults that resemble "minors" is not only excessive, but it's outright ableist and body shaming.

It should be the viewer's responsibility to NOT disable the shota filter, especially in jurisdictions where this type of art is illegal, if they don't want to see shota.
^ This
When I was 18 and out for lunch with my mother and grandmother, my mother was asked if I needed a kids menu (11 and under). This memory has been ingrained in me to the point of bitterness whenever my age is assumed. When I was in my 20's I was constantly beaned as a teenager. Even now I'm still only getting 20 to maybe 25 if I'm already visibly offended by "you're too young for [x]" which is ablest in itself.

My best friend took her cousin to her high school opening, they have around a 10 year age gap. While the cousin was checking the place out, my friend was asked what grade she is. "Oh, I graduated college some years ago, also I'm married."

When style is involved it blurs even farther. I have a colorful, cutesy-esque style; even my adults with older children look fairly young.
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