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Splitting my banner for the theme designer
Category: Tutorials
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To split your banner image so it will be able to be upload into the theme designer you will need to:

1- resize the height of the image you want to use for your banner to 230 pixels in your digital art program.
2- create a new image that is 230 pixels high and 1024 pixels wide. Paint the background in a color you want with the fill bucket tool.
3- copy/paste your banner into the new image, Adjust the picture on the banner until you get it where you like it. Save your new image.
4- copy the banner you just made so you have two of the same and then crop one to be 100x1024 (this will be the top of the banner) and the other to be 130x1024 (this one is the bottom of the banner. Save both crops.

You are now ready to put the top banner into the Background box and the bottom banner into the Title Bar box in the theme designer.

There is also this great Header Theme Template by LaraYokoshima that is very helpful

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