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Why do I have to apply filters and tags?
Category: Filters and Tags
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Filters are necessary and required because they hide certain submissions from users who don’t want to see/read them or would be bothered by seeing/reading them. Filtered submissions also do not show up for guests or minors who do not have an account that may happen upon the site, thus keeping the site safer from harassment.

Tag are not required, but are used to find submissions. If your works are not tagged properly, they cannot be easily found by those who may have an interest in what you're drawing or writing.

Tags: Filters, Tags
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ososan - broken heart by galacta
ososan - broken heart
by galacta
Admin: Tattoos
Maybe, I'd have to think about it, it's not something I've thought about (several)
Yep, no problem! (several)
No, I just can't go though that pain (a few)
Other (Feel free to say in the comments) (a few)
Yep, I already have tattoos of my artwork on my body (a few)
No, I don't trust a tattoo artist to do my artwork properly (a few)
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