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What are collaborative works, and how do they work?
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Collaborative works are when you and another person have worked together on an image or story.

You both must have contributed a significant portion to the work, such as coloring, sketching, inking, writing, illustrating, etc. Choose one person to upload the work. That person must link to the other partner with the collaboration feature during the submitting process.

NOTE: Your partner must have an account here on the site in order for the collaboration feature to work. We do not accept off-site collaborations linked in the comments.

Just click the arrow beside the "This submission is a collaborative work with:" box. A list of your friends will pop up. Click on your partners name from that list to add them to the submission. The work will now have both your names listed on it and it will show up in both your galleries. You will both receive the comments and faves on that submission. Your partner will receive notification on their sidebar so they can accept or decline the collab.

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