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What are clubs and projects, and how do I create them/submit art to them?
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A Club is something you create so that other people can contribute submissions on a particular theme, subject, series, universe, etc.. For example - A Harry Potter Club where those that join your club can post their artwork or stories that are Harry Potter themed. In the case of a club, you would likely open membership to anyone who wanted to join and contribute. Anything you post in a club, will also show up in your gallery.

A Project is something you create for yourself, a collaboration between yourself and another person, or a circle of friends working together on an item (ex: a doujinshi). In the case of a project, you wold likely limit membership to only those who you want to contribute to it. Anything you post in a project will not show up in your gallery.

To create a club or a project, you would click on the "Clubs/Projects" tab at the top of your home page. From there you would put the name of your club or project into the "Found a new club/project:" box and then click on the "Create club/project". This will take you to a new page where you can specify if what you've created is a Club or a Project.

To submit to a club or project, you will click on the arrow of the "Move submission to one or more clubs/projects:" boxes during the submission process of your work. A list of clubs and projects that you are a member of will appear. You can choose which one you would want your work to go into, up to a total of 3 clubs or projects. NOTE: You must be a member of any club/project you wish your submission to be shown in.

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