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How can I advertise on Y!gallery?
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Send a PM to bro noting if you would like to have a sidebar ad or the banner footer ad. For a banner ad, the default size is 500x80. A a sidebar ad is 150x150. File types that are accepted are png, jpg, or gif files. Please no flash.

You will then create your ad as you would like to see it and share it with bro to check that everything is okay. Since advertisements are visible to anyone, including those who are not members of the site, please make sure your ad is sfw.

From there you will be given an email to send your ad to, so that everything can be finalized and your ad posted to the site.

Here is the pricing structure: (All figures are quoted in $USD)

One month: $25
Two months: $45
Three: $65
Four: $85
Five: $105
Six: $125

One month: $45
Two months: $80
Three: $120

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