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One of my works has been reported to the abuse system. What do I do?
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Once something has been reported, it is automatically sent to our moderation area and is no longer visible on the site. Once our mods have a chance to look over the report and moderate on it, you will receive a PM letting you know what has happened.

There are four results you can expect:

~ The work violated a rule and was removed. In some instances you may be able to resubmit the work though the Extras gallery. This will be pointed out to you in a PM if that is the case.

~ The work violated a rule, but is fixable, so has been given a grace period. You will receive a link in the PM to the edit page of your work so you can make corrections. Once corrections have been made, it will be returned to your gallery

~ The work violated a rule, but staff has been able to correct the problem. Once the mods fix the issue (usually a missing filter or incorrect literary thumbnail), your submission will be returned.

~ The work was found to not be in violation and will be returned to your gallery.

Sometimes there are quite a few reports for the mods to look over so moderation can take some time. If you don't hear anything from us within 48 hours, please make a comment on Mod Helpdesk so we can get the issue taken care of for you.

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