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What is the difference between referencing, copying and tracing?
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Referencing is using an image or various images to make your own unique drawing to check for pose, lighting or anatomy. The drawing will look significantly different from the reference image(s). Referencing is something that many artists do and is perfectly acceptable here on the gallery as long as a link and credit is applied in your artist's comments to the reference image(s) as per Rule #6d of the Tos.

This is an example of proper use of a reference. While the artist took inspiration from the original drawing, you can see that there are many differences and that the images in no way overlay.

Copying is looking at an image and trying to draw it exactly the same as the original image, making a replica. This is considered over referencing and plagiarism. The two images will not overlay completely line by line, as in a traced image, however, this is not allowed on the gallery and could be a violation of Rules #6c or #6e.

Here is an example of a "grid" copy, a violation of Rules #6c and #6e

Tracing is using paper or an art program layer over an image to completely and perfectly draw that image line for line. There will be nothing unique between the two images and images such as this are not allowed to be posted on the gallery as they are a violation of Rule #6c.

This is an example of tracing. As you can see in the overlay, they line up exactly line for line.

The only exception to Rule #6c is the use of bases. Bases are allowed to be used as long as the base itself is not traced. The base must be one that is original and made to be used free use or by paid use. You must link to the base image and credit the base artist. It is the responsibility of the person using a base for their artwork to ascertain that the base has not been traced from another image.

An example of original bases made by an artist that are allowed to be used. Please be sure to follow the instructions of the base artist when using their bases.

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