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Does the site still support them?
As Adobe have stated over on their website (····ife.html), Flash as a product has been discontinued and will no longer be getting updates and won't be a supported component on the web. Despite this, you are still free to publish new (and old) flash games and animations that you have created. They will all still work - albeit with a couple bugs here and there. Note that the size limit is 100mb, anything higher than that will not load to the site.

This continues to be possible through Newgrounds' open source project, Ruffle, which aims to preserve flash content on the web for years to come. You don't need to have flash installed on your computer. Everything required to run the flash game (Ruffle and the flash file itself) will be downloaded from the Y!gallery CDN. Everything should just work.

Any bugs in rendering the flash file are to do with Ruffle itself and sadly, we can't really help with that apart from updating our Ruffle version every once in a while.

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