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Posted on 2022-01-12 @ 3:48 AM
Stay Chapter 20 is starting! (and other updates)
Yay! I'm excited about chapter 20 - mostly because once that's done, I just need to make a couple of extra shorts and Volume 5 will be ready for Print!!
Also restating - chapter 19 could possibly be the end of the sex scenes - depending if I am able to fit them in the story - The book versions will definitely have them of course, in the form of after scenes. We'll see!

I'm going to still try and fit some kissy or lewdy scenes just to appease my own self lol - I mean I started this comic because there wasn't enough action in the yaoi I was reading!!
So if you suddenly see a random sexy scene, please know, it was cuz I got bored and needed to draw filth lmaooo

[Stay] Updates every Tuesdays
I'm thinking of changing updates to every Tuesday -
Monday I post to Patreon/subscribe star 2 weeks ahead, so Tuesdays I'll post here

And I really need to start re-posting my sunny side up comic - but I would have to spam and post a bunch of pages all at once - And maybe I'll make Wednesdays Sunny side up posts.

Merch News

Sold out of Witchtober Series Art book (Broomstick Boys)
Sold out of Volume 3 of Stay

I will be re-listing my Original Art of the Witchtober/Pinktober Series in my shop, I sold quite a bit, but I also had like 40+ pieces, so now I gotta redo the listings with the left over pieces.

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honestly I would love to make one! that would be interesting!
# Posted on 2022-03-24 @ 10:45 PM
I understand wanting to move away from the sex scenes if they seem gratuitous to the story. But I will say it will be a bummer if Ever/Vince don't at least get one full scene :P
# Posted on 2022-03-20 @ 4:23 AM
Edited 1 time(s), last edit: 2022-03-21 @ 11:50 AM
Oh for sure they will get a scene - but page count/timing wise, I'm tying to figure out if it will be an "extra", usually if it's an extra, it turns up only in the book (cuz I gotta have new material for the print versions)
If I can fit it in the chapter, then I can just make a different extra :D
# Posted on 2022-03-24 @ 10:42 PM
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