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Posted on 2021-01-25 @ 7:46 PM
Today was good...
Exhausting but good.

I got my stimulus check, but had to wait for my girl's covid test to come in (It came in clean yesterday) so we went shopping today.

I bought a bed (double). Which I desperately need.

Bought my girl (NarutoVixin) some gift cards for her switch lite (she got a puzzle pack she's been wanting with some various packs) and monopoly for her switch lite.

I got myself a digital download of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (I own the hard copy of Age of Calamity) and a hard copy of Luigi's Mansion 3.

We're happy but I wish my shoulders didn't hurt quite so much. *winces* I want my bed to arrive. I swear.
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# Posted on 2021-02-06 @ 8:51 PM
Where did you get tested? My son and I got tested at a Walgreens drive-thru and received results two hours later. That's faster than CVS, where I was tested in July and had to wait nine days for results.
# Posted on 2021-01-27 @ 11:33 PM
There's a few sites. My girl went to one of the walk-in medical building sites to get tested. It's one of the better sites. One of the sites uses the basic nose swab and gets to many false positives. So she went for a brain tickle.
# Posted on 2021-01-28 @ 9:10 PM

I hope your bed arrives soon!! Send love and hugs!!
# Posted on 2021-01-26 @ 5:46 AM! I actually slept rather hard when I got into it.

The last two nights though brain has been going "whee!" so I've been playing either Luigi's Mansion 3 or Breath of the Wild (stop killing me you stupid walking skeletons!) while lounging and it's so nice I can do that now. *sighs happily*
# Posted on 2021-01-28 @ 9:12 PM
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