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Posted on 2021-04-08 @ 1:29 PM
Creating artworks and opening commissions
Hi All,

Creating content takes time, and I have quite a few that are ready for upload and will post them soon.

I have been asked on other websites if I am opening commissions up again, and I have been considering it. I have a small back log of ready-to-render scenes that I am working through, but once they are done (probably by the end of this weekend 11th April 21) then I may open 2 to 3 slots if there is enough interest. Right now Y!Gallery is only just getting back on its feet and I don't have many followers here, so am just curious to see what Y! is able to do.

If you are interested, send me a message with what you are going for. Characters in clothing go from $40USd to $120USD depending on complexity, time involved, background etc. Most commissions posted here are in the $40 range, and larger scenes with backgrounds push upwards to the $120+ range. PAYPAL only!



Please note: I really prefer doing OCs. So if you are looking to create your character and visualize it, have a chat with me!

Things to consider

Hair colour (blond/blonde, brunette, redhead/ginger, mixed colours, white, grey, brown, black.
Eye colour (red, blue, black, gold, amber, honey, lilac, purple, orange, tech, clockwork (extra fee)
Body type (skinny, swole, thicc, toned, lean, fit, bodybuilder, cartoony, other)
Age Age 12 to 2000+ for the Immortals among us
Occupation (relates to uniforms, combat gear etc, doctor equipment)
Partner (for multiple commissions, spouse, lover)
Wealth (rich, poor, middle class, royalty)
Genre (sci fi, fantasy, high fantasy, eros fantasy, sporting, military, prehistoric)
Height (in centimeters please)
Weight (kilograms please) With this, keep in mind body type, a swole military dude is going to weight over 150kgs, while a swimmer will weight in at about 65kgs to 72kgs.
Race (human, elf, goblin, halfling, lizardman, orc, illithid, dark elf, alien)
Companion (subject to availability, horse, cat, dog, wolf, lion, snow leopard, great white shark, hammerhead, platypus, dire wolf, sabertooth tiger, mouse, brown bear, koala, frog, wild boar, alligator, deinonychus, T-Rex, spinosaurus, panther, dragon, triceratops, Alamosaurus, please ask if you dont see something listed that you would like)

okay long enough post!

Have a chat with me if you are interested, just post Commission Discussion in your title of your message, no obligation to buy.
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